Health, Safety and Environmental Consultancy Services

WAD Consults works with, supports and enables organisations to make sure the route to achieving recognition with standards such as ISO 14001 & ISO 45001 are simple, effective and efficient. Our team will support your organizational HSE initiatives; from as little as meeting with minimum legislative requirements to the design and development of management systems, implementation and compliance audits.


WAD Consults prefers to work with customers to design and establish tailor-made solutions to their specific HSE concerns. We are willing to collaborate with your organization in the continuous development of your risk management, CSR or general HSE strategy; providing support in every way necessary including consulting and training. If you are a small organisation without the assistance of an employed specialist practitioner, we are willing to assist and work with you to provide regular specialist advice as well as assistance with conducting risk assessments, developing policies, procedures and other necessary HSE documentations.