We work with businesses in several sectors including oil and gas, engineering, construction, logistics; for compliance with legislation on health and safety and environmental standards. We carry out health, safety and environmental risk assessments, inspections and audits for our clients and provide them with specialist advise on appropriate measures to close out identified gaps and concerns.


To assist businesses maintain their health, safety and environmental (HSE) responsibilities and comply with relevant legislations; WAD Consults proffers a range of HSE services to assist businesses including

  • HSE Inspections, Audits and Assurance

  • HSE Risk Assessments

  • Health & Safety and Environmental Management Systems Development and Implementation guidance, in line with ISO 45001 and ISO 14001 requirements respectively

  • General HSE Consultancy Services

  • Environmental Health and Safety Outsourcing

  • HSE Training and Coaching Services

  • HSE Strategy and Implementation Program Development